Life Without Adventure.

Let's imagine you live in a box. This box isn't too spacious. On one wall, you have a window; though it's extremely small so your view is limited. Now, let's envision color scheme. What colors accentuate the walls? The furniture? Let's say everything is one color (of your choice). Now let's move on to entertainment. We... Continue Reading →

An Occupied Mind

It's quiet on the outside, but on the inside, it's the loudest it's ever been. Everything is scattered, comparable to a stack of papers blown out of sorts by a gust of wind.  It isn't too dark, but it is dim. At certain times throughout the day, lights begin to flash, and it's a beautiful... Continue Reading →

When I was younger…

When I was younger, I remember the envy that would take over me when visiting a friend’s house, or watching them indulge in a gadget my family couldn’t afford. When I was younger, I’d imagine waking up in the body of a girl with a more fortunate life than my own, and I’d have been... Continue Reading →

Why do we fear camaraderie?

WHY DO WE CRAVE ISOLATION AND YEARN FOR SILENCE, When we cry in despair due to loneliness?  “NO, I DON’T WISH TO SPEAK TO ANYONE RIGHT NOW.” “NO, I CAN’T ACCOMPANY YOU BECAUSE I’LL BE BUSY THAT DAY.” -Doing Nothing- NOTHING.. EXCEPT ASKING OURSELVES  Why do I prefer my own company? Why can’t another satisfy... Continue Reading →

The Value of a Pencil

It was a lonely night, and I remember sitting on the bed of blankets my mother put together because at the time, we couldn’t afford a bed. It was me and five other family members who occupied the space on the floor, and everyone was fast asleep… everyone but me. I stood up, and stared... Continue Reading →

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