Soul Searching

How many of you are there?

Did you know the person reading this is not the only version of you?

Who are you with your best friend? Who are you with your friend? Your family, coworkers, strangers you meet on the street?

How many dialects do you have? When do you know when to switch between them? Does one dominate the other?

As for me…. the search party for myself is a party of many.

It has made soul searching confusing..

It’s as though every part of what makes me who I am sit together at a round table and we all stare at each other in silence, waiting for the first to speak up but instead, the silence drags on.

People use the term soul searching too loosely.

The truth?

Soul searching can be downright terrifying.

Momma says “don’t talk to strangers”

Does that mean I can’t talk to myself?

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