Life Without Adventure.

Let’s imagine you live in a box.

This box isn’t too spacious. On one wall, you have a window; though it’s extremely small so your view is limited.

Now, let’s envision color scheme.

What colors accentuate the walls? The furniture?

Let’s say everything is one color (of your choice).

Now let’s move on to entertainment. We all love TV, yes? Think of all the channels you love. Now imagine your favorite show…

What would life be like for you if you had to watch re-runs of the same show every time you wanted to relax in front of the TV?

How long would you last?

A year? 6 months? A month? …a day?

This is what life is without a little adventure.

We live to communicate, we thrive to learn new things and see different places. Staring out that window is the equivalent to standing still.

One color, is a life without color… you’ve limited yourself.

Too much of a good thing becomes bad. The show you used to love so much has now become the largest nuisance.

But… you can turn that off any time you want. You can’t turn off life.

You might come across something that stands out to you, and you’ll let it play out to see how long it keeps your interest.

This new channel of life, it excites you! A new experiment that added a new color to your world.

This new color is beautiful to you.

You want to see more. You want to learn more.

Curiosity might’ve killed the cat, but it liberated you.

Before you know it, your room becomes a house. One window turns into twenty, and a wall made of glass that looks out onto the sea.

There’s so many colors, you’ve lost count of them. You can’t even put a name to some of them.

For the first time ever, you experience something, you feel something, that you weren’t even aware you were waiting for.

The void you knew you had, but lacked the knowledge on how to fill.

How closed to the world we truly are… How small our boxes are; without a little something called… Adventure. 



By Virginia LaTourette